loop vent

  1. Buffalo Bob

    Proper Loop Vent?

    I’m in the middle of remodeling a house we just purchased. I have attached a photo of the “loop vent” below for our kitchen sink. The would be sink and p-trap are on the opposite side. It appears that the vent and drain dive into the same pipe as it goes into the ground (I am on slab). Sink...
  2. Adam McBride

    Is this venting correct for a sink below a window?

    I am remodeling my home and the plumber said this how they vent an island sink, and it would work and be in code. There is a window above the sink, and they said this was the reason they chose this method. They said it was some kind of closed loop vent...ok. 1) Is it right? 2) If not, what does...
  3. Rusty Williams

    Island loop vent failed inspection

    Looking for some help in understanding what I've done wrong and why this loop vent doesn't work. The vent side slopes towards the loop, the drain slopes away. A p-trap is above the floor on the drain side, and the vent side connects to the drain side as high as possible under a counter top...
  4. Northbeard

    Island Vent Install-with little clearance in floor below

    Hello, long time reader, first time poster! I really like this site and appreciate Terry and all the other guiding lights here. Thank you. I wasn't sure if I should join an existing thread or start one, I couldn't find a recent one that made sense so new thread. Apologies if this is not cool. I...
  5. tgold

    Loop vent for kitchen island

    I just want to make sure my plan for moving some plumbing around for a kitchen remodel is sound. I am moving the kitchen sink from the wall to an island. I've never done a loop vent before and all the examples I've see online have the vent going to a different area than the drain. Like This...
  6. dcmurray

    Wall tent w/ bathroom - loop vent / foot vent / AAV

    Hi. I am designing a wall tent with a bathroom that I will be building in British Columbia Canada. I am generally trying to anticipate what plumbing requirements will be as I design framing /structure and before I have a plumber on board. Focusing on function first before I get to code issues...
  7. Gese

    Island Sink Venting

    Hi, I have read so much on this topic that it has literally spun me in knots. I am not a pro and would like to do some of the plumbing work myself. Not new to plumbing and quite handy but I also want to do things right so I read more than I should have on island Sink Venting. Here is my...
  8. Sproutnik

    Why is loop venting generally prohibited?

    After running into the problem of how to vent my yurt without roof or side-wall penetrations, I realized that a loop vent would appear to solve all of my problems by allowing me to run a vent under the floor and up the exterior side of my yurt wall. However, loop venting under the IPC is...
  9. knickema

    Peninsula venting in level counter

    We have our sink in the peninsula with the vent running through a half wall to the exterior wall where the vent stack is. The house was built in 2003. It is not code right now (6" above flood level of sink) because the vent is 34.5" from the floor and my current top mount sink is 37". We...
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