kitchen island

  1. M

    Kitchen island sink drain into basement washing machine drain

    Hi, First post on this forum. I am building a cottage with my dad and i have naively decided that this DIY project would include the plumbing... I am in Québec, Canada (sorry for my rusty english). My question is... I have a kitchen island sink on my first floor and I am wondering how to...
  2. Eva060792

    Moving kitchen sink to island from wall (in a condo...)

  3. tgold

    Loop vent for kitchen island

    I just want to make sure my plan for moving some plumbing around for a kitchen remodel is sound. I am moving the kitchen sink from the wall to an island. I've never done a loop vent before and all the examples I've see online have the vent going to a different area than the drain. Like This...
  4. tim griffin

    Kitchen Island Plumbing Ideas Help

    We were sort of forced into an early kitchen remodel (years before we were ready) and I need some help on plumbing our island. Ahem I thought I had this all worked out in my head but now I'm a bit unsure. The house sits on a foundation with a crawlspace with a 3" drain about 10 feet in front...
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