1. ChrisCCCC

    Well Water - Hardness, Alkalinity, Corrosiveness

    Hello. The water out of my well is hard, heavy iron, and acidic. I have an alkaline filter that reduces the acidity, an iron filter to reduce the iron, then a water softener to soften the water. Am I understanding this correctly? The acidity is removed by the calcium carbonate, but adds...
  2. Dcoop

    Serious Water Trouble

    Hello, My wife and I moved into a house 3 years ago with bad water. We invested in a higher end Kinnetico system thinking we should nip it in the bud, but our water never really improved to the point we wanted it to. This spring after much frustration with the company that sold us that...
  3. David Schmidt

    Iron Removal by Water Softener (low hardness)

    Hello, everyone. My wife and I will be ready to move into our new home in a few months. The water analysis for our well shows the following concentrations: TDS 610 ppm Conductivity 970 uS/cm Iron 1.67 ppm Hardness 7.33 ppm as CaCO3 (0.43 gpg) Calcium 2.22 ppm Magnesium 0.432 ppm Manganese...
  4. Gary01

    45gpg hardness - How much can I remove with a softener?

    I need to replace my softener (because Culligan's lifetime warranty wasn't - but that's a separate tirade). I have very hard well water. Hardness: 45 gpg Iron: 0.1 mg/L TDS: 1297 mg/L pH: 7.3 Alkalinity: 190 mg/L My old softener reduced the hardness to 10 gpg. But now I think that...
  5. angelo polinario

    How it works How to Size Your Water Softener 2016-11-26

    How to Size Your Water Softener? This is the formula to properly Size Your Water Softener # of people in the House X # Gallons Water Consumption Per Person X Grains Per Gallon = Is Equal to the Number of Grains to be removed For example: 4 People living in my House x 75 Gallons of water...
  6. Larry Hines

    Difficult hardness problem

    I removed a precipitate from my water heater and have tried to dissolve it with vinegar, concentrated acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, and CLR. All dissolved most but left a precipitate that would not dissolve.
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