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How to Size Your Water Softener

  1. angelo polinario
    How to Size Your Water Softener?

    This is the formula to properly Size Your Water Softener

    # of people in the House X # Gallons Water Consumption Per Person X Grains Per Gallon = Is Equal to the Number of Grains to be removed

    For example:

    4 People living in my House x 75 Gallons of water consumer per person (average) X The Grains in my area 10 = 3000 Grains to be removed Daily

    Then You have to look at this Chart and Find the right Softener Capacity

    What do your results mean?
    Note: Calculations are based upon your softener regenerating on an average of every seven days.

    If Your Daily Grain Requirements Are: You Need a Water Softener With:
    0 - 3,500 Grains Per Day ---- 24,000 Grain Capacity
    3,501 - 4,500 Grains Per Day ---- 32,000 Grain Capacity
    4,501 - 5,750 Grains Per Day ---- 40,000 Grain Capacity
    5,751 - 6,850 Grains Per Day ---- 48,000 Grain Capacity
    6,851 - 9,150 Grains Per Day ---- 64,000 Grain Capacity
    9,151 - 11,500 Grains Per Day ---- 80,000 Grain Capacity
    11,501 - 13,700 Grains Per Day ---- 96,000 Grain Capacity
    13,701 - 15,700 Grains Per Day ---- 110,000 Grain Capacity

    Therefore I need a 24,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener

    Note: to find the hardness of water in your area consult your city hall website. They have all the info there.

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  1. Earl Wilkison
    Earl Wilkison
    Version: 2016-11-26
    You should not go seven days between regeneration and you should not use a system to the maximum capacity. The units have a maximum capacity stated just for sales. When you take a cu. ft. of resin and regenerate it with 15 lbs. of salt, it will give you 30K grains of softening capacity. (32K is under a laboratory condition using water with only hardness in it. You will never encounter this in real life.) You can take that same cu. ft. of resin and regenerate it with only 6 lbs. of salt and get 20K grains of softening capacity. Therefore why would you NOT regenerate it twice and get 40K softening capacity for only 12 lbs. salt. This will not waste salt or send it to the city to treat as waste water. Therefore the example you gave, you could go with a 24K, just regenerate it more often at a lower salt setting.