1. A

    Flux corrosion inside copper pipe

    Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for months, but this is my first post. I am new to soldering, and I use the OATEY H20#5 lead free flux, I have tried their regular #5, and the #95 tinning flux, as well as their water soluble tinning flux. I really didn’t like the water soluble tinning...
  2. Abc

    Oatey #5 - Safe for drinking water?

    Recently hired a plumber to run some new lines for the kitchen sink and fridge water line. I noticed he used Oatey #5 flux paste which appears to be petroleum based. My question is, is it safe to drink the water on these lines? I was under the impression that he should have used water soluble...
  3. zanman

    Flux Taste in Water, with Water-Soluble Flux?

    Hi All, I recently added a laundry sink and hookups to my basement (1/2" copper). I am now noticing the water from my kitchen faucet has a metallic after-taste that is very similar to the flux odor. I did some poking around and it sounds like others have had this issue as well, but only when...
  4. Dwitting87

    Oatey 95 flux residue still in pipe

    So I just roughed in a bar sink in my basement. The lines tapped were for the bathroom sink overhead. I probably used more flux than is needed, but not overly excessive as I brush it on vs gobbing it on....in either case, it's been two days and I am still getting flux residue in the sink...
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