Flux Taste in Water, with Water-Soluble Flux?

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Hi All,

I recently added a laundry sink and hookups to my basement (1/2" copper). I am now noticing the water from my kitchen faucet has a metallic after-taste that is very similar to the flux odor. I did some poking around and it sounds like others have had this issue as well, but only when using standard flux. For this (and other recent plumbing projects), I have always used Oatley water-soluble tinning flux.

The taste goes away if you just run the faucet for a few seconds, and I assume the issue will pass with time and enough flushing.I was just wondering if anyone else uses this flux and has had similar experiences. I will admit I tend to use a lot of flux to get connections to flow properly.

Edit: I forgot to add that i've flushed every fixture the house multiple times, but will still note the odor/taste if the system sits for a while with nothing running (overnight, or if we are gone for a weekend). Again, just flushing for a few seconds seems to clear the 'dirty' water.


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Does the water from the laundry sink have the same taste? I was wondering about inferior flex lines on the kitchen sink hookup. Not likely, but maybe worth considering.

If it is flux, you might consider slowly dribbling water continuously for a while. I am not a plumber.
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