1. Mike U.

    Good Water Softener Seller?

    Hello. I'm currently on a quest to replace a 24 year old water softener system with all new equipment. Definitely wanting to do the installation myself. I've spent the last week or so absorbing as much knowledge as I could on the subject. This forum has contributed large amounts to my newly...
  2. Terry

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you?

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you? Watching the news on television about the recent storm damage, I can see that Florida has much to do in the future. Some of it will be total rebuilds and some might be minor. Lot's of in-between too. On these pages...
  3. wer83

    Sand Point installation question

    Good day all, longtime listener, first time caller. I live in north central Florida and I have been wanting to wash down my own shallow well for some time to use as irrigation (and also in case of emergency during severe weather for toilet flushing, etc.). Anyway, I've read a number of...
  4. MintSquirrel28

    Deep Well jetted ***SOS***

    I returned to some property that had the pump stolen off it 6 1/2 ish yrs ago. It is located just outside of Panama City, FL about 5 miles from Econfina Creek. It is a "45 ft" deep jet well. I have had zero luck getting 3 different brand new pumps to prime. I am the exact opposite of a educated...
  5. Terry

    Commingle our drinking water with… poo?

    https://www.bullsugar.org/florida_allows_sewage_in_biscayne_aquifer The aquifer under Miami is shrinking, to replace it, the volume would have to be huge, lawmakers decided that replacing those fluids... with sewage, would be a good idea. Do you think it's a good idea? What is the future of...
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