faucet handles

  1. Garrit22

    Removing old Moen with no set screw

    I'm helping a friend remove their shower knob to replace it but can't figure out how to pull it off. There used to be a handle and screw that held that in place but that was lost. It is a Moen shower handle. Any ideas or help identifying the model?
  2. Alan_Leed

    Newport Brass Astor, Can't remove faucet handle in "old style" faucet...?

    Hi, I have a dripping faucet and wanted to replace the washer or cartridge in it...but I can't seem to get the handles off to access the cartridge. Faucet was installed about 15 yrs ago so it's "new" old style looking but I have no idea what the brand it (maybe European?). See photos...but I...
  3. GoodGuyGreg

    Faucet Handles snapped off, what are my options here ?

    This is an old cast iron tub, it's used almost daily for hand washing big dishes, towels, etc. Both handles have snapped clean. Does this need replacing ? Can this be welded ? How hard would it be to find a whole new fixture ? Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best...
  4. Strong son

    American Standard - Estate 8" handle removal and drain

    Hello, I love this faucet but I do not love trying to fix it. My current problems are the left side (hot) handle is tough to move (tight) and I cannot seem to connect the popup to the handle (tried 6x over the last few months. so i just removed the popup altogether). My main question is how do...

    american plumbing partsmaster

    Here is a great place i found to get parts all kinds cheep and great quality www.partsmasterdeals.com or email photos to order@partsmasterdeals.com .. they ship fast and also have the hard to find items .. there is a guy named Steve M and Jeremy .. There Awesome and know there stuff here is...
  6. kshoquist

    Identify manufacture/model of outdoor faucet??

    Trying to repair our outdoor faucet and need to identify what manufacture/model it is. Attached are a couple pictures of the faucet and stem. House was built in 1991. When we purchased the house the faucet did not have a handle or packing nut. Also not sure if the vacuum breaker cap is...
  7. Matt Biringer

    Replacement faucet handle help

    Cracked my ceramic handle on a price Pfister handle. It doesn't look universal, what kind should I be looking for? I cannot seem to find the exact one online as it was discontinued by manufacturer. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Greg McK

    How to remove faucet handle for repair?

    Have an older expensive faucet from 1980s. ?sherle wagner. Was not Kohler. Has leak and needs repair but unable to remove. Does the top portion have threads? tried to pop off (gently) and added oil to loosed but to no avail. Please assist. Am desperate to stop the drip, drip, drip...
  9. Dhoerl

    Loosen clogged Delta shower handle set screw?

    I inherited a shower stall with a Delta shower temperature control handle installed up-side-down. That is, when the control is set for normal temperature, the set screw hole is facing up instead of down (a condition I unfortunately see in many places). Over time, soap and water has dried in the...
  10. David Ostendarp

    Pfister lavatory faucet. Need help identifying lav faucet hookup product

    Can anyone help me identify the pin in the attached image? It is connecting my supply line to a compression fitting to the handle of my faucet. I have been to lowes and home dept and they are no help. I lost the pin for my hot water line when installing a new vanity and need a replacement.
  11. afrank77

    How to remove broken and stuck faucet handle?

    Hi. The hot water handle for the bathroom faucet broke off. Literally broke off in my hand as I was turning it. Here's an image: http://prntscr.com/g41x3n I bought replacement handles, removed the cap and screw of the old handles, but when I tried to remove the current ones they wouldn't...
  12. John Holly

    Kitchen faucet ID

    I need to replace the handle on my kitchen faucet. Can anyone help me identify the brand?
  13. PWonderland

    Looking for Moen Brand faucet parts (1950's)

    Hi, I'm looking for two plastic rings to fit both the hot and cold handles on my bathtub in a house that was built in the mid-1950's. The brand of the faucet is Moen and the attached pictures shows the parts I'm looking for (handle base stamped F11896). These photos are of a sink handle, but...
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