1. pls2000

    Securing conduit for roof penetration

    I need to redo a badly done roof penetration for an air conditioner. Since there is an existing penetration, there will be very little rewiring needed. I'm intending to install a vertical piece of 3/4 or 1" EMT secured to a roof joist. Put a service junction box on the top to transition to...
  2. mike0331

    Running supply lines in unheated crawl-space that I cannot access

    Hi all, TLDR at the bottom DIYer here. I am installing a washer/dryer in the closet in a room that was added on to our house prior to us purchasing it. We have a 1940s colonial in the peoples republic of Massachusetts with a large garage added about 10 years ago. 1/4 of that garage was...
  3. Regis Tration

    What To Do With Well Pump Safety Rope In Conduit

    Hello: I want to install conduit between the well cap and the electrical box (please see picture). What is the correct method for routing the pump safety rope? Should it be threaded into the electrical box and then out again? Also, can I use a reducer fitting to reduce the diameter of the...
  4. Hard-Knocks

    Underground electrical conduit bringing water to the house

    We upgraded from a 100 AMP Service to a 200 AMP Service. New wires were needed from the pedestal in the backyard to the meter on the house. The contractor placed Schedule 40, 3" electric conduit and placed a pull wire for the utility company. The problem is that location of pedestal ponds...
  5. Dylan

    Sump Pump plumbing connections

    I have a small landscaped area that pools water and has some seepage from the groundwater. The sump pump is the Zoeller 108-0001 craw space kit with the M53 pump, slotted pit, and 1 1/2 inch connections, and I got the Zoeller 30-0181 check valve. They'll be arriving Friday and I want to make...
  6. Colemc45

    Dead outlet

    The outlet under my kitchen sink has no power to it. I have checked the breaker box and the circuit breaker is supplying power so its not a bad circuit breaker. There are no other outlets dead in the house. There are also no other outlets wired in line with this outlet. Any other ideas what...
  7. joeyd0315

    Romex to THHN conversion in house junction box

    Hello, i am hooking up a hot tub. At first i though of 6/3 Romex for main panel to subpanel attached to house outside, then THHN in 1" conduit another 15 feet to hot tub. But the last 4 feet inside travels in a bay over a finished section of the basement ceiling, so i cannot reach in there to...
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