1. B

    Combi or Heat pump?

    These days does it make more sense to upgrade my failed combi with another combi or go boiler only (less BTUs) and add in a heat pump water heater?
  2. Aron Golden

    Navien 240 combi

    Two story house with two thermostats. Upstairs works, downstairs pumps unheated water through radiators regardless of thermostat setting. Valve? Pump? This will be the 12th repair in 6 years for this unit. Getting frustrated and going broke!
  3. Michael Harner

    Replacing Baxi Luna 310 with Viessmann 35 Combi

    My baseboards produce 75,000 BTU using 1660 per foot. Three contractors all want to use Viessmann. What negotiating points can I ask for? I'm keeping my two thermostats. How many annual free maintenance calls are reasonable? Isn't $6900 quite high using existing plumbing and gas lines? What...
  4. sakle2k

    Trying to determine the best boiler replacement

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum quite a bit in the past week and have realized how important it is to have a knowledgeable person installing your boiler. I'm hoping to get a better understanding of what my needs are so I don't make a mistake. I have an old Weil-Mclain boiler that I'd...
  5. HankR

    Navien Combination Hot Water Heater / Boiler

    Hello, We are looking to replace our natural gas; 40-gallon power-vent hot water heater (currently dead) and hot water boiler with a combination tankless unit. We are looking to create some additional space by going this route. It would be in a mud room on the first floor. We live just...
  6. antonyupward

    NTI 200 Replacement Options

    Hi, I have an NTI T200 combi boiler/tankless DHW - installed in 2003. This for a 2 adult household. Loads are basement underfloor (approx 500 sq ft), one small radiator/towel rack, and a 120,000 BTU air handler (vents in all parts of the house - total 2000 sq ft). The house is older, but...
  7. antonyupward

    NTI T200 - Anyone Have Replacement Parts Availability - Long Shot

    Hi, I have a NTI Trinity T200 Combi boiler installed 2003 and maintained consistently since then. I've been happy with its performance and economy, although I have also had a fair number of (relatively minor) issues with it - but I'm told these are "normal" (pump failure, igniters failing...
  8. Maksim

    Meaning of supply water temperature and return water temperature

    Hi, I have NAVIEN NCB 240E combi in my house. Paragraph 3.2 says: The default space heating supply water temperature range is 104°F (40°C, Absolute MIN) to 180°F (82°C, Absolute MAX). ● The default space heating return water temperature range is 86°F (30°C, Absolute MIN) to 149°F (65°C...
  9. George Day

    Monoflow system upgrade to combi

    First off let me thank you for opening and reading this post. Any advice will be appreciated. I currently have a 1948 3500sqft (3700sqft with walk in attic storage-currently unheated) house heated by 19 wall convectors and a Burnham series II boiler. Last winter 2-3 of the radiators...
  10. Brad79

    Bradford White Combi Core 1 vs Combi Core 2

    I'm looking to install one of these in my home still under construction. The cost to rent are either $39 for the Combi 1 or $50 for the Combi 2 (I'm in Canada). I'm not quite sure I understand the need for the double wall which appears to be the only difference in the two tanks. I mean, why...
  11. vanagon

    Navien NCB-240 for this house? (photos)

    We have a small (<2000sq ft) home. It's a duplex so one wall is to another unit. All but the third floor is heated by radiators; the third floor is a separate electric system. We are considering the Navien NCB-240 combination boiler / hot water heater. We are not worried at all about the...
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