closet bend

  1. PatrickM

    Options for toilet flange to 4" x 3" closet bend

    I'm replacing the toilet flange and bend in a floor framed with 2x8s. The existing horizontal pipe that connects to the stack is 3" diameter. In the area where I live, the only option for a suitable closet bend that will fit in the joist cavity is a 3" x 4" hub X hub closet bend, which seems...
  2. Smorrison0702

    Leveling WC waste stub when installing closet bend

    Hi all, I'm installing a WC waste stub under concrete slab and run in to a possible issue installing the closet bend. The primary waste line is about 1.5' deep, so I added a section of 4" abs using a coupler at the closet bend. However, in order to achieve 1/4" slope at the first (short)...
  3. MCSwe

    Replacing Closet Elbow, but Joist Bay too Small

    We're remodeling an old, old bathroom. The closet drains to the stack with a cast iron 4" elbow, with a 1 1/4" heel inlet for the bathroom lav and tub drain?!? There haven't been any drainage issues (probably b/c water pressure is so low). But since we have it open we want to increase the...
  4. DylanStrange96

    Closet Flange & bend installation

    Hi all, I'm trying to install a toilet and have purchased a closet bend that is 4"-3" and a flange that is 3"-4" the flange does not fit snug into the bend and I'm at a loss as to why these parts don't fit together- I followed the specification from my plumbing book. Does anyone know why these...
  5. WN1

    4x3 closet bend vs 3" long sweep?

    So the two typical ways to plumb under a toilet to a 3" drain pipe is: A: 4" vertical pipe to 4x3 closet bend (restriction in theory from 4" to 3", but gives more space in flange opening) B: 3" vertical pipe to 3" long sweep elbow (less space in flange opening, but no restriction afterwards)...
  6. pfun100

    Closet flange questions

    I'm working on an upstairs toilet in an old house that originally had a lead closet bend. A plumber replaced the lead bend with a 4" cast iron pipe, cutting the vertical part shorter because there was tight clearance below the floor to a notch in a joist. They installed an outside clamping cast...
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