1. A

    Gravity cistern, no pump, need select higher pressure

    Is there a way to increase the pressure only to our toilet tank? Something that would simply be inline of the toilet tank supply line (between the shutoff valve next to the toilet and the toilet tank)? The cost of water, and the lack of problems with the dish and clothes washers means we aren't...
  2. E

    One well, two cisterns for two houses

    Hello all, We currently have two cabins separated by about 400'. Each cabin has a 2500 gallon cistern that it is plumbed to. We have been getting by for 5 years hauling water and filling cisterns after we drilled a dry well. This past fall we dug a new low-producing well (1.5 gpm) that is about...
  3. Greggunningham

    How does a drain back valve / Bleeder Orifice work on a foot valve water pump system which might have air leaks?

    I have cistern which is filled either by truck or pumped from the lake. To connect to the cabin, there is a pipe with a foot valve at the bottom, and a pump with a pressure tank at the bottom of the cabin. My setup is a bit different since we don't have a basement, and the pump is closer to...
  4. BiancaM

    Pump recommendations

    We live off grid in the desert and have water brought in in trucks. We usually get about 600gallons per trip. We have 2 300gallon totes and they sit level with the house floor outside. We have freezing temps and snow and plan on building an enclosure for tanks and pump to avoid exploding the...
  5. BostonGuido

    Seepage around PCV coupler through concrete wall

    I have a rain water cistern, and the inlet and overflow pipes (3" PVC) penetrate the wall at the top of the 7' deep cistern. The pipe penetration was done by placing an ordinary 3" nominal PVC coupler in the poured concrete wall when it was poured. The PVC pipes were then passed through the...
  6. Jcwright30

    Pressure Tank & Pump Setup with Elevated Cistern - Need Advice!

    First my setup (see pics): I have a spring fed cistern (600+ gallons). Call this at 600' above sea level. This cistern runs down to a bank barn. Call this at 500' above sea level. From the barn it feeds into the house. Call this 510' above sea level. I have a yard hydrant at the barn which...
  7. Dude_Hager

    Cement Water Cistern Heater Question

    Hello! For some background, we started building right before covid hit. We have run into so many increased building costs we are doing as much of the work as we can, we just passed our rough-ins that we did ourselves and are now tackling this! We are in a mountain area that has its water...
  8. aceinc

    Expected life/reliability of submersible pump

    I do not want to start a religious war, but, "What can I expect as far as longevity/reliability of a submersible pump in an aeration tank?" My "water system guy" says his experience is, they burn out every year or two. The usage is a house with 3 occupants & a swimming pool in S Florida. Light...
  9. Kelly Brownson

    Float system from low flow well to cistern

    Hi there, I’ve tried searching the forums and came up with a lot of useful information but have not completely answered all of my questions for our exact scenario. We’ve been having water supply issues in our shallow dug well for awhile and we’re lucky enough that our neighbours let us fill up...
  10. Altavista

    How to replace a concealed flush cistern

    I live an area with very hard water and this has resulted in the flush mechanism in the cistern on one of the toilets in the house to seize up. The actual flush itself has never been a very convincing affair. I am now considering changing the entire cistern and/or flush mechanism. The problem...
  11. miro

    Question: what kind of automated valve to shut off feed to cistern?

    Hi, first posting after a lot of reading and learning from this forum. One thing I cant seem to figure out though: My situation: I have a well pump (Franklin/Grundfos) at about 60 meters (about 180 feet) that feeds a cistern and is activated through a floating switch in the cistern. It delivers...
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