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    Toilets for youth group building

    The organization for which I work is looking to replace old toilets in our building's basement with low flow ones. Our building is used for sleepovers with girls aged 5-18, as well as events for adults and we're looking for reliable toilets that flush well and do not clog. A suggestion has been...
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    Basement toilets

    The waste line cleanout fellow came by yesterday but did not do the cleanout, saying that since the floor drain was showing no evidence of gurgling nor overflows that it was highly unlikely that waste line clogging was an issue. The guy (a journeyman plumber) looked at the toilets and made some...
  3. loke

    Basement toilets

    Thanks, Jimbo. I'll be on the phone to the cleanout folks first thing in the morning, for sure. And we'll see where we go from there.
  4. loke

    Basement toilets

    At my (charitable organization) workplace the bathrooms are in the basement. The toilets are old water guzzlers and we've recently been having a number of issues with them. Flappers and towers have been replaced, but there are still some issues. Was told this morning that there is some...
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    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Gram Gram - There probably aren't advantages for the Gwyneth over the Eco Drake if easier cleaning isn't important to you and you don't need a one piece. Maybe you aren't the one who has to do the cleaning! For me one important advantage of the Gwyneth was that it has about the shortest...
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    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Should have added that the bowl stays much cleaner than on our old regular style toilets (with the numerous holes under the rim). We'd get mucky buildup quite quickly on the old toilet and that just isn't happening now - maybe in part because these are NEW toilets. But swirling action of the...
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    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Have had our two Gwyneths since June (CEFIONTECT) and have had no clogs or problems. One does need to be sure to push the flush lever down completely (no need to hold there, though) as an incomplete push can result in an incomplete flush. Expect that's the same with all toilets. I really like...
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    Toilet options

    Perhaps they did install Totos in their other 3 bathrooms - at least that's how I read the message: just the one bathroom got the Kohler. But I may be wrong...
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    SaniGloss finish has developed water spots

    Not sure why, but I thought that CEFIONTECT was only inside the bowls of the toilets on which it is featured. Maybe that's because the info keeps talking about cleaning with every flush. But it likely doesn't make sense for just part of the finish to be CEFIONTECT, does it?
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    Installed 2 Toto Drakes - question about flushing...

    Note from Installation instructions In the TOTO installation booklet (for my recently installed Gwyneths) there's a note at the end - Operation (Note to Owner). Here's the relevant part: "To ensure that your toilet is performing correctly, always flush the toilet with a full stroke of the...
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    Thanks - I'll check out the local Home Depot after checking with my nearby Home Hardware store. (Like to give business to the small store where I can still buy things like single metal washers, single wall anchors, nails by the pound, etc...).
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    Definitely no single sheets about CEFIONTECT with my Gwyneths. The Toto tech fellow tells me that the only critical info on the sheet is to not use abrasives and that the new gel cleaners are the best - which is what has been said here already. Now to check to see whether Gel Gloss is available...
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    CEFIONTECT instruction sheet? Should there be "paperwork" about CEFIONTECT included in the box with Toto CEFIONTECT toilets (and sinks)? Our installer left all the instruction material, so far as I could see, but there didn't appear to be any info on the CEFIONTECT - unless it is somewhere within...
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    Toto Drake vrs. Toto 704L

    Check the Commercial Toto listings Not sure that this would be the toilet in question, but by following the "Trade, Commercial, Toilets..." links on the Toto website there is a 704 model - the second toilet on the following page: The spec sheet...
  15. loke

    How does a Toto toilet fit (you)?

    Yes, the one piece units are heavy. The old guy who delivered ours suggested that he could leave them in the garage so the plumber could take them into the house later, but I wasn't going for that - he was the one being paid for the delivery! Ended up helping him to get the suckers into the...
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