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    Well accessories building designs?

    Who knows why someone would. I just know your CSV isn’t that common here. Eventually I will be gone and a different owner/plumber can decide to keep a CVS or go with a traditional setup with a Big A$$ Tank. In the mean time, it gives me more space for other stuff if needed. Like having space for...
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    Well accessories building designs?

    I thought about bringing the well into the inclosure but that would require a ventilated building (you cant air seal a well cap), increase moisture issues since I can’t properly seal a removable roof and the well would be open to the building, and be a problem if I don’t have time to remove the...
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    Well accessories building designs?

    I have my tank, filters, and water softener inside the house. I am wanting to move this all out for better accessibility and prevent flood inside of something breaks. I live on a hill so I can make the back side of a room next to the well almost totally underground and the sides mostly...
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    Freezing P Trap fix

    What I imagine is that you have a tub with a solid floor under it. The drain goes through the floor and you have the p-trap in a box under the floor. See picture for what I am seeing in my head: yes, I paid a lot of money for that rendering so I hope it is helping us… What about bringing the...
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    Max Distance from heat source?

    3/8 would certainly be an option but what might make that difficult is the lack of local supply and the inspectors not liking anything smaller than 1/2 except for dishwasher, ice maker/fridge. We are still allowed timer and aqua stats here. You would have to have a big pipe yo make sure the...
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    Max Distance from heat source?

    Anyone able to check my math from above or if a customer would complain about a 6-8 second wait for hot water?
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    Max Distance from heat source?

    Yes, a hot water recirculating loop with a pump. So I can run off the branch for 2-3’ and have instant water. What about 5-10? Is my math correct? A 1.2g/min bathroom faucet flows max 2.56 ounces per second. A 1/2 pex line holds 1.18 ounces/foot. It takes 0.461 seconds to clear 1ft of 1/2 pex...
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    Max Distance from heat source?

    When designing a hot water system, specifically one with a hot water loop, what is the max distance for each type of fixture to still be considered instant hot water? Looking at the EPA water sense guide they tell me no more than 0.5gal of water from source to fixture. They then give us a...
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    PEX-A installation

    A response like that is a good way to keep people from helping you. Age of home and if it is under warranty or not will help guide those who are willing to answer you.
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    Recirculation Loop Design Question

    I’m not a plumber but I would lean towards A. You are likely to have a lot of water in that 1” pipe up to the second floor. It would take some time to get hot water if only using a single lav. B would be better than nothing though.
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    Conduit sleeve size for PEX pipe?

    As long as I can skip it past the inspector, I will use electrical conduit long sweeps. Figured 1-1/4 would be the fun one. Can’t have junctions below slab so have to come up. That thick pipe doesn’t like to bend very easily.
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    Conduit sleeve size for PEX pipe?

    …. I like charts. Easy for me to reference. I have a hard time understanding that charts could be confusing but I am a bit of a numbers/organization fanatic when it comes to work…. We will be pulling 1/2” all the way up to 1-1/4” PEX from under the slab. Will use long sweep 90’s. Other than...
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    Conditioned space conduit for main water line in attic?

    I lived in a house that had the water come up outside of the garage then ran, insulated, along the garage floor to the far corner where it met the HWH. They had a 2x4 chase built around it. Never noticed an issue with warm water from our hot summers with it like that. Your chase idea might help...
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    Conduit sleeve size for PEX pipe?

    Does anyone have a chart for what PVC sleeve size to use for different sized PEX pipe? What about with insulation? I know non-insulated 3/4 PEX can go through 2” PVC easily. What about 1” and 1-1/4? Figured this would help me and others when preparing for slab penetrations.
  15. JoeJee

    Impact Water Products Reputable?

    I used them and had great results. Very knowledgeable and will use them again when it comes time to make changes. Prices were mostly at or below what I can get locally through my suppliers with my contractors discount.
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