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  1. wjcandee

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    GeorgeCT: The symptoms you experienced from the Voreto valve in your picture are exactly why I ripped it out and put in a Korky in my Drake. The 528MP is perfect for our Totos. As you may have read elsewhere on this forum, Toto is now selling basically the 528MP as its Universal Replacement fill valve. The packaging is different and the instructions are more precise, but it's basically the same thing. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  2. Terry

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    MS854114SL, ADA Ultramax

    The previous bowl was the MS853113S, which they had for years, and now they've opted for the ADA version. They do like their TOTO!
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    We purchased a Toto Ultramax elongated toiled in bone January of 2010 and we love it. Never had a problem with the toilet. However, the toilet seat that came with it is now wearing out as far as it's ability to close slowly. The bottom half still closes slowly but the top part slams shut. Not sure if there is an easy fix for this or if we need to purchase a new seat.
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    Toto's response will be buy a new seat. If you do a search on this website, and are willing to play with it, someone found a source for the hydraulic damping fluid used in the hinge and posted instructions on how to take it apart. You may also need a couple of O-rings. So, depends on your skill level and willingness to tinker. My oldest one is more than 10-years old, and still functions fine. I do think if (guests?) push it closed, especially fast, that it can force the fluid past the seals and once it is depleted, there's nothing to slow it down. Funny story...A friend mentioned to me he'd installed a new soft-close seat on the toilet while we were talking with his wife listening. This had been several months previously. His wife blurted out 'I've been pushing it closed...I thought it was just tight!' Then, she went in and tried just letting it go on its own to verify...sometimes, you have to let people know not to try to close it...just get it started.
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    Were the shrieking problems ever resolved?
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