double sanitary tee in Canada

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  1. Doherty Plumbing

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    By code you should have cleanout on the branch below the double san-T. This makes snaking easy.
  2. Terry

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    The problem me and hj have had, was dropping the snake down the sancross.
    You can put a cleanout below, but that still leaves a section that you can't snake.
    We don't use the sancross south of Can a da.

    That's why it's nice to know where people are installing these things.
    For myself, I prefer to plumb not just to code, which is a bare minimum, but to plumb so that it works long term. It doesn't really take much.
    hj is as old as the Grand Canyon, and I'm a decade or so behind him, so we think differently. We think more like service plumbers, wishing the rough-in guys would get their act together.

    So the sancross is legal in Canada, not the US
    What other American countries use the sancross?

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  4. Doherty Plumbing

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    What section would you not beable to snake? You could run the snake down each trap arm and then open up the clean-out and snake up AND down the piping all the way out to the city sewer or roof vent if you wanted to do that.

    We don't use "double fixture tees" or w/e you guys call them. Atleast not here in BC and you won't find reference to them in the code book anywhere. That I know of anyway :D
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