Calistoga in drug trials for lymphoma and leukemia treatments

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    CAL-101 is designed to treat two forms of lymphoma and one form of leukemia. In prior clinical trials, according to Calistoga, nearly 60 percent of non-Hodgkins lymphoma patients responded to the treatment, as well as almost 70 percent of mantle cell lymphoma patients and 30 percent of leukemia patients. Responses ranged from a tumor shrinking to the cancer going into remission for up to a year.

    The story here
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    I love it. I love hearing stuff like that, it excites me. My uncle passed away with Leukemia and as you know I battle NHL. BUT, I got great news! I got my dancing shoes on and my party dress. My scans from the other day, the CT's showed no change since over a year ago. ACTUALLY, since 4 years ago.

    So, my friend, I am here to pester you just a tadbit longer, maybe, another 100 years.

    Wha cha say to that?


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