will not regenerate automatically, Kenmore water softener

Discussion in 'Water Softener Forum, Questions and Answers' started by felinezoo, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. felinezoo

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    Mar 5, 2012
    Moneta Va.
    I have a kenmore Water softener Model # 625.3484500 that I can not get to regenerate automatically? I have ran the manual initiated electronics Diagonostics and all is well. I can do a manual re charge ok. I can get the screen that showes the time but does not show recharge tonight at botton of screen as discribed in operators manual . Is it the computer? since I cannot afford a 200.00 dollar face plate computer can I keep doing the recharge manually as needed? felinezoo.
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    Nov 24, 2010
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    There is a section that will show if water is flowing. If it is not working, the unit does not know when to regen. You may want to check to insure the unit is counting the gallons used. It will not hurt the unit the continstantly do a manual regen.
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