What is the Correct Peerless Boiler TW-3 Nozzle Size

Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by Whalensdad, Jun 3, 2021.

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    I have a Peerless TW-3 from the late 80's (I'm guessing since you can't read the serial number). The service placards from the early 2000's show that the nozzle size was .65x80b. At some point it was changed to5x70b. I'm trying to keep this thing running as long as possible. I just had an issue and the tech noticed the insulation starting to burn. He thought it might be to the use of the .75x70b nozzles. I'm planning on doing an overhaul of the unit (new insulation, new tankless coil, and new igniter). I contacted the Peerless Boiler Company, but they indicated the following:
    That model would have been manufactured by a former company, not our company. Unfortunately, we would have no information to provide. Our company, PB Heat, LLC has manufactured the Peerless® brand since 2003; prior to that date the company who manufactured the Peerless® brand was The Peerless Heater Company who are no longer in business.

    I'm trying to determine if an incorrect nozzle size was installed and if I should revert back to what was there in the early 2000's. For all I know, maybe the .65x80b was wrong. If anyone can tell me or point me in the direction to get an answer I would be very appreciative. Thanks!
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    Since the boiler is 40 years old and info is probably going to be very hard to fine. But by measuring the burner chamber should be able to come up with a correct angle. As for as the refractory it can be recoated and repaired if its not total cracked up with pieces missing. This manual has info on how to determine the flame angle. A shot into the dark find out who the local rep for peerless is now see if they were the rep in 1980 or know who was.

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