1. Whalensdad

    What is the Correct Peerless Boiler TW-3 Nozzle Size

    I have a Peerless TW-3 from the late 80's (I'm guessing since you can't read the serial number). The service placards from the early 2000's show that the nozzle size was .65x80b. At some point it was changed to5x70b. I'm trying to keep this thing running as long as possible. I just had an issue...
  2. Snorp

    Peerless P6919LF Kitchen Faucet Install Ignorance-Confused Me

    Hello to all and my thanks for what you do. I'm installing the subject faucet and have ran into something I don't know how to 'fix'. Instructions say to insert the shank with the notch facing forward. Low light level and cramped space made this problematic - did the best I could. Checked the...
  3. BMC1995

    Flame sensor on Peerless Furnace

    Hi, My Peerless furnace keeps cycling on and off. I believe it is due to a dirty flame sensor, but am unable to locate the sensor. I have the model MCB 097. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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