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    I am building a new attached garage and wonder if an outdoor "weather proof box" that protects a cord when plugged in is required or can I just use the type with spring closing covers over the outlets? Also it will have two walk doors as well as the over head door. Is an outlet required at each walk door? I have seen conflicting information in some books I have read.
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    I don't know of any requirement for a receptacle on the outside of a garage. There is a requirement that the entrances be lighted. One light can serve both entrances if they are illuminated by one light.

    You need to take care about the terminology of "outlet". An "outlet" is defined in the code as any point at which electricity is supplied (but not a switch), and that includes places for mounting light fixtures. An outlet that you plug a cord into is properly referred to as a "receptacle". There is a requirement for an "outlet" to supply a light for an entrance but there is no requirement for a receptacle.

    If you have an outdoor receptacle the current code is that it must have in-use weather protection. That could be either an in-use cover or it could be under an overhang that provides rain protection.

    Outdoor receptacles need GFI protection.
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  4. Alectrician

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    Jun 15, 2007
    By "weatherproof box" you mean "in use cover" and they are required HERE. They USED to be required only where something was to be always plugged in (evap cooler or christmas lights for example).

    No inspection? Use a wp cover. If your landscape timer is going to be plugged in to it, use an in use cover.

    One outlet in front of the house and one in back is the requirement here.

    No such thing as too many outlets.:D
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