Waterless Urinal, Fact and Fiction

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  1. Tom Sawyer

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    Nov 29, 2010
    typically the "cartridge" is a plastic bell trap that you fill with a chemical sealent.
  2. Eri

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    May 29, 2012
    Salinas Ca
    yea but what i hear is that not need to be mechanical parts moving and need be a liquid sealant ....that used to be in the code of 2009 but that about to expire and my cartridge is not mechanicha but is not a liquid sealant also....but about the code im not sure :(

  3. I P Knightly

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    Waterless Urinals Removal/ Report Assistance

    In Feb 2010 I inherited 2 waterless urinals at the facility I maintain, after following the maintenance schedule daily, weekly and monthly; I came in one day to find one filled with urine, I spoke to my supervisor who decided to attempt to plunge the urinal free, we all know how this ended and who cleaned the floor. I found the 4 page booklet provided by Zeroflush and proceeded with the cartridge removal, OMG I’ve never smelt anything so vial in my life. Once the cartridge was completely removed there was no other alternative but to have the units snaked out by a licensed plumber…

    Since installation in 2008 for only 2 waterless urinals our annual operating cost have far exceeded to cost of water… we have to snake the system every 3 months, and the cartridges cost over $ 100 dollars, an employee from Zeroflush suggested I soak the cartridges and re use them to save on cost.. You can imagine what my response was..

    I’m preparing a report, to remove the waterless urinals based on operating cost, and the inherently smell that I cannot get rid of..

    Any assistance would greatly be appreciated… To date this year our operation cost are $ 1747.66 Where is the savings? spend more time trying to get rid of the smell...

    I P Knightly
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