Water pressure problem with well pump system

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    Aug 22, 2010
    Hi guys, Im sure this subject has been beat to death but I was hoping to get some advice on my particlular issue. I have a well and when I moved in 5 years ago the water pressure seamed OK. After 2 years the pressure slowly had gone away as I noticed my showers were getting weaker. I had a professional replace the well pump, pressure tank, 30/50 pressure valve and I had Culligan come out and service my water softener with new filters and they totally cleaned the 2 heads. After they did this my shower was back full force. This was all done 3.5 years ago. The main issue I have is that I can only do one thing at a time. Can't run the dish washer and run the sink, cant flush the toilet and take a shower, cant do laundry and get a drink from the kitchen sink, etc. I can only do one single thing at a time. The upstairs shower is only putting out about 50-60% the pressure that my lower level does. When the Culligan guy came out he noticed that one of my bypass valves was closed. Former owner had done this and I had no idea. The PVC pipes exiting the system were plugged solid. Not sure where to go from here. My pressure tank is at 42.5lbs and the 30/50 regulator is turned up to 35/55 and seems to work fine. I know I probably need to go lower on the tank (30-33 lbs). My well pump is strong and fills up a 5 gallon bucket in no time. Mabey a clogged primary line somewhere before it splits off to other appliances and faucets? Looking for some advice. Hope this is enough info. Thanks in advance.
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