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    Mar 24, 2008
    I am moving things around the laundry room to (a) move the washer drain to a different wall and (b) add an utility sink. My plan to is to tie the 2'' washer standpipe + trap, the 2'' (or 1-1/2') sink drain , the 2'' vent to the 2'' stack with a double fixture fitting. The stack drops 9' to the crawl space where it would connect to the the main stack (tee with cleanout plug). I am not planning to pull a permit (will do it myself), but since this work is in preparation for a kitchen remodel for which a permit will be pulled, I am trying to avoid unpleasant surprises later on... The inspector will see the 2'' stack coming down from the laundry room, not the rough-in. My question is will the 2'' stack be correctly sized? I have read somewhere than the new code may require 3'' pipes for washer drains.... Also, is it ok to drill a hole in a 2x4 stud for a 2'' pipe. Again I recall reading somewhere that the hole should not exceed 60% of the stud size in a non bearing wall, which would limit the pipes that can go through to 1-1/2''...

    Thank you
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