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  1. tf123

    tf123 New Member

    Oct 17, 2005
    Terry, I have an Island Kitchen Sink with a horrible odor underneath strickly in the cabinet area. Home is 18 months old, problem odor has been there for 1 month. We used most of your listed suggestions and was hoping you might have some other ideas. Called in Plumber and Here is the list:
    Filled basins to top and let water flow to check for leaks.
    Replaced AAV and also tried to tape it closed for a period of time.
    Taped closed other pipe joints.
    Tried Bleach through the dishwasher.
    Cleaned out Disposal with Blue cleaner products and brushes.
    P Traps are fine.
    Cut hole in side of Cabinet to look for leaks or Critters.
    Looked under Cabinet for leaks or Critters (On a Slab).
    Tried different Deordorizers, Baking Soda, Vinegar.
    Opened electrical outlets behind walls to sniff for odors.
    Used Magic odor Absorber and Fans to air out.
    The Plumber gave up and said he does not think its sewer gas.
    Neighbor works for Natural Gas Co. came over and said he thinks maybe Sewage smell.
    Had Exterminator check odor and he said not a Rodent but also does not smell like sewer gases. Odor still there. I was thinking of having the plumber rip out the cabinet floor and cap off the sewer drain and eliminate the pipes.

    I don't think it is sewer or Rodents. Could it be that an odor got imbedded in the wood of the Cabinet?
    Appreciate any help or things I might have overlooked.
  2. tf123

    tf123 New Member

    Oct 17, 2005
    I had an Exterminator take a look at and smell the odor. They are convinced that it is not an odor of a rodent or dead animal. Everything looked good to them. Does not smell like sewer. They also can not define the odor.

    I did take apart the hose from the dishwasher to the disposal and found some debris stuck in the hose and cleaned with a snake and bleach and multiple dishwasher cycles. I decided to cut the cabinet floor open, all clean, I then pulled out the 2 pvc kitchen drain pipes. I then pulled out the Disposal. I pulled out the instant hot dispenser. I pluged up the sewer drain holes and have the cabinet empty except for water hoses and dishwasher hoses. I still have the odor but can't define it. Need some new ideas?
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  4. sulconst2

    sulconst2 New Member

    Jul 11, 2005
    old bridge nj
    sometimes you can get a nasty odor from lauan plywood. maybe parts of the cabinet are made from this.
  5. tf123

    tf123 New Member

    Oct 17, 2005
    Problem was Fixed Closing out

    I forgot to close the problem.
    The problem with the odor was that the rubber hoses from the dishwasher were corroded and sent off the odor. My wife never uses the dishwasher and food and debris from the disposal backed up and would not wash away with bleach. I replaced the hoses and the odor is gone. I now have her cycle the dishwasher at least once a week and the odor has been gone for years.
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