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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Steve603, Jul 30, 2011.

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    How important is level on a toilet?

    I'm replacing an old ~1960'ish Mansfield toilet with a Toto Drake.

    The floor is flat but tilts towards the back (out of level) by less than 1/8th inch. Leave it tilted or use wedges to level it? In other words as long as it is flat and has no wobble to break the wax seal, is that good or must I strive for level? In other words, how important is level?

    I fear that the underlayment beneath the linoleum is particle board, and I wonder if over time the wedges will sink into it, therefore I'm happy to have a slightly back tilting (this used to be my apartment and I never noticed it, now it is a rental) toilet then. I have been unable to find composite wedges and have only been able to find HD plastic wedges that are only about 7/8" wide.


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    I don't think I'd worry about 1/8", but you could shim it if you preferred.

    Many plastic (and metal) flanges have small slots for the toilet bolts (they slide in from the side) or long T-slots, where they slide in from one end. The small slots are generally stronger, so that may be what you have used.

    Assuming you have the toilet off, depending on what access you may have, you could cut the existing flange off and replace it with a new one - preferably one with a SS metal ring. Or, you could attach a repair ring, which would give you slots to hold the bolts. You really want both bolts to hold, and however you achieve that would work. Plumbers prefer to use flanges with metal rings just for the symptom you have - the plastic ones are not anywhere as strong.
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