Trouble snaking bathtub drain

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We have a clog in our bathtub. The drain has one of those metal discs in it so you can't push anything through. I've got a homeowner snake but having trouble. The picture shows the plumbing underneath. Long pipe up is the overflow, horizontal coming from the drain. The clog I believe is in that horizontal pipe.

Interesting note, there is no stopper or linkage assembly at all in the overflow pipe. Is that normal?

I can't get the snake to negotiate that 90 degree turn where the 2 meet. If I feed it in from the overflow up top it goes straight down past it. If I feed it in from the trap underneath it goes straight up.

Do you have any tips on how to get in there?

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I got a RIDGID PowerSpin Plus.

I powered it with a drill.

I bought it for a lavatory drain, and it worked great for me. I actually went through the 1-1/4 trap, and before I knew it, it had played out about 12 ft of snake, and the blockage several feet below the santee had been cleared. I was prepared to enter at the trap adapter on the santee, but thought I would try the lazy stay-dry top entry. I know it has limitations.

I only snaked through the trap in case it worked. I was expecting to have to do more disassembly. It was really handy to be able to run water during the snaking.

I am not sure which horizontal you are talking about, but either way I suspect my PowerSpin Plus could make it. I am thinking the spinning probably helps. That said, I have only used it the one time so far.
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