Transitioning from PVC outside to PEX inside the house

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    My water supply line from the meter is 3/4" PVC, and I would like to plumb the house with PEX. The best idea I have is to transition to CPVC for the run through the wall, so I can use sharkbite fittings for the transition to PEX, and to add a sharkbite ball valve for a shut-off. The added consequence is another transition from PVC to CPVC, which I think I will use brass threaded adapters. It's not really clean or pretty, and uses a lot of different materials, I think it will work, any suggestions?
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    If you use CPCV you will need to go up a size due to the smaller inside diameter of the pipe. That could mean even more fittings.

    There are commercially available PCV to PEX transition fittings. You might have to go to a real plumbing supply store to find them. I know Sioux Chief is one of the manufacturers.
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    Transition from PVC to the CPVC at the valve so you do not need any "transition" fittings, just male threaded adapters.
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