Toto TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve -- Korky Scores!

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    I ran across something interesting today regarding fill valves for Toto. As we know, Toto has used a plethora of fill valves in recent years, even more so with the 1.28gpf toilets, where you had multiple green fill valves with varying heights and varying refill ratios between say 28% and 35%. The Toto parts store web site section with fill valves was kind of a mess with all these varieties, most of which were the non-Korky valve, designed by Toto engineers and made by Vareto in China.

    I know that Terry has for some time advised people just to go to Lowe's and get the Korky MaxPerformance fill valve with the adjustable refill ratio (for $10.47), and use that to replace whatever model of Toto fill valve needs to be replaced, even on GMax toilets, especially as the 528T seems to be harder and harder to get. (The MaxPerformance varies, I believe, between 0% and 40% refill ratio, so instead of a 528T you just run the 528MP wide open.)

    It seems that Toto has come to the same conclusion. Their latest Excel parts spreadsheet (which lists the relevant major parts for each current and former toilet model) has revised the fill valve column to reflect the correct replacement valve for virtually every toilet as being the TSU99A-X. (The version control legend reflects this change as of late July.)

    I pulled up the official picture of the TSU99A-X, and it's basically the Korky 528MP, with a blue cap. A recent Toto marketing piece to its distributors touts the convenience of having one Universal fill valve for all Toto products, available in a convenient 24-count case for a list price of $720. TSU99a.x Fill Valve. So list is $30/valve.

    I actually find this interesting because until this change, Toto customer service's position was that you couldn't use the 528MP in the Aquia, and had to use their version of the 528 on the Aquia, because it required a "bigger port" for refill on the dual-flush. Either that's not so or there's something different about this valve's refill-adjuster from the 528MP. Sure looks the same, though. (And Korky customer service basically said that that was wrong. I don't know who was right, but at least with this new valve the issue is settled.)

    In any event, Terry was ahead of even the manufacturer in seeing the wisdom of this approach. And it's nice to see the US-made product being the Universal Replacement Valve.

    PS The spreadsheet itself is a useful tool,

    PPS I forgot to say: "Buh-bye Voreto (Xiamen) Plumbing Technology Co., Ltd. of Xiamen, China!" At least as far as replacement fill valves go, anyway.
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