Toto Aquia...refill valve squeak and seat issue

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by LisaM, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. LisaM

    LisaM New Member

    Sep 19, 2007
    Hi, I have a Toto Aquia that is a little over a year old (and I bought it largely based on the threads here, so thanks for all the info and tips). I love it so far, except for two small issues. I've poked around fruitlessly online looking for info/comments on them (and read threads here to no avail: if I missed the answer somewhere sorry, and just point me there!) but haven't had any luck. I am sure they are small issues and not a big deal, but haven't been able to find any useful info on them.

    Here they are:

    1. A few months after we had the toilet installed and moved in, we noticed that the seat (we have a SoftClose elongated) doesn't stay up any more. I am not talking about the lid...that stays up fine, but the seat won't. It sometimes will if you fiddle with it, but not reliably. I checked to make sure that the toilet is level, and checked for any sort of screws or tighteners to tweak to adjust that hinge, but no luck. I am worried that (if this makes sense) the bowl is too far forward (by a fraction) and that things settled over time and now the lid/seat can't go back far enough to stay up. I am guessing that if this is the case the only solution is to reseat the entire toilet, but if I can avoid that, I will. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about the seat not staying up, so I am guessing it must be our install, but I thought I would ask about it.

    2. About a month or two ago, the fill valve started squeaking. It happens just at the very end of the tank filling, and only lasts about two seconds, but it is annoying. It's a Dualmax fill valve and I've turned the water off and tried to poke around at it since the noise is coming out of the top/green part, but the thing doesn't seem to come apart to mess with it. We have hard water so I am not sure if it is just buildup in the valve or if there is a washer or seal loose somewhere. Any ideas on what to do about it? Do I need to replace the entire fill valve? And, if I do, do I need to replace it with the same Dualmax or is there something better that won't start squeaking after less than a year?

    Thanks for any advice. I've replaced flappers and diagnosed and fixed some easy toilet repairs, and am fairly handy, but I admit I don't know a ton about some toilet specifics, and haven't been able to find much online. And the workings of the Toto are not like the oldschool toilets I am used to.

  2. Peanut9199

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    Apr 23, 2007
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    Ontario, Canada
    I've checked the one in our showroom and i have the oval soft close and it's a fine line between staying up and the seat falling.
    If your tank is straight, i would go back to where you got it and tell them the seat is not staying up and get them to give you a new seat, they have a year warranty.
    The fill valve can be taken apart like the other fill valves, the only difference is the diapragm cap has a green restrictor.
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  4. LisaM

    LisaM New Member

    Sep 19, 2007
    Thanks for that info....I am glad to know the seat at least can be finicky. I was thinking we were the only ones seeing the problem! I will double-check the leveling and all that.

    Thanks also for letting me know about the you think taking it apart to check it out is worthwhile? I haven't ever done that before but can certainly do it if it is (thanks for the link....I thought that cover might snap off but didn't want to force/break it since I wasn't sure)! It looks like it is from the servicing instructions there so maybe I will just give it a whirl. Thanks again!
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