Tie the sump discharge into a downspout extension?

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My 1950s house has the sump discharging into the septic tank, which I understand is not appropriate. I plan to route the discharge through a brick exterior wall at a point less than 2' from a point where I'm installing a downspout extension. Does it make sense to tie the sump discharge into the downspout extension? The extension will take runoff well away from the foundation and downhill. Some questions:
1) Is it reasonable to connect my sump discharge to a downspout extension? The extension is (planned) 4" SDR-35. The sump is discharging though 1 1/2" schedule 40.
2) Should I upgrade the extension to 4" schedule 40 if I do this? The extension will not get any vehicle heavier than a walk-behind mower run above it, it's well away from road, driveway, and sidewalk.
3) I'm in Indiana, so I will get regular winter freezes. How would I avoid or mitigate freezing problems with the sump output/extension?
4) Where should I put a cleanout on the system? Would it be best just inside (would be tough to access since the discharge will run a few inches below the basement ceiling), just outside, or in the downspout extension after the sump ties in? Or somewhere else? I don't plan on having any 90 degree bends after the cleanout, or for that matter, inside the house between the sump and exterior.
5) How far from the sump pump should I put the check valve? Does it matter if it's on a vertical or horizontal run? I will have about 12 ft of run from the sump to to the exterior wall, then about 2 feet outside until the downspout extension.
6) What else do I need to think about?
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