Tap/clunk sound from water line (not water hammer)

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    I have a noise coming from the main water line (copper) near where it enters my house inside a wall--this started this winter and we have been in the house for 3+ years. When a decent amount of water is used (a toilet is flushed or someone takes a shower) a soft tapping sound is heard from the pipe for a few seconds. Then after a few minutes the pipe will make a louder tap/clunk sound about once every 30 seconds, then about once a minute, then slower and slower, and eventually stops until the next time a toilet is flushed or whatever and the pattern repeats.

    My research has me thinking this is pipe expansion/contraction and that the pipe is hitting or sliding on a wood stud as it's cooled by the cold water entering it. For what it's worth, this water line runs in the vicinity of one of the hydronic lines of my heating system, and my water pressure is around 75-80 psi. Does this sound like the most likely problem, and should I be concerned to the point of calling a plumber and/or opening up the wall? Thanks.
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