Taco circulating pump w Flow check or not?

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I have loop on a boiler for the hot water baseboard portion of my very old house. There is a Taco circulating pump with flow check installed 007-F5-7IFC. It's working but making a humming noise/electric so I'm guessing that my time is coming to replace it. It hasn't been long since it was last replaced maybe 4 years. I don't know if the last pump had the flow check built-in or the 007-F5 model without.

The system does get cleaned but is inherently dirty water. There is a Bell and Gossett Flo control valve on the outbound side.

Is the flow check needed on the Taco pump if there is a separate valve?
Is the model with the flow-check more susceptible to dirt. From the photos I've seen on line there appears to be a plastic part on the outlet. Can this be removed? Can the flow check valve be cleaned/serviced?

I'm wondering if a potentially clogged flow check on the valve could be causing the motor failure. I was considering just replacing the cartridge but if the flow check is causing problems do I replace the entire pump? And can I safely change this to the non flow check version since the other flow check is there?

After asking all the questions, I have a feeling that I will now more once I pull the pump out...

thanks in advance!


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Why hasn't the system been flushed and boiler treatment installed. The boiler water could be on the acidic side tested with litmus paper. The check can be removed. Might want to go with same number pump but in E series lot more efficient.
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