System 2000 Hot Water Tank Replacement

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Hello all.....hopefully someone can provide me with any information to solve my issue. I recently had to replace my original system 2000 hot water tank due to corrosion. Since replacing it with the factory OEM model was out of the question due to costs and timing, I went ahead and purchased a similar tank from one of the box stores. The brand is a Rheem 40 gallon electric. It has dual 4500 watt heating elements/ thermostats. The elements will not be used since all the heat comes from the system 2000 boiler unit. I made all the water connections exactly as I had before with the old tank.

Now here is where I need advice.......

The thermostat wires (2) that come from the boiler manager panel...I assumed that I could connect them in the same way they were connected to the top of the old tank?? But not sure. As I said, the dual heater elements will not be used but do I need to just disconnect one of the heater element/ thermostat so it only reads one location??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.....either here or my email......
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