Sump Pump Surger Protector?

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    Aug 12, 2019
    I bought two of these little single outlet surge protectors, one for the primary sump pump, and one for the battery backup. Upon opening it, I noticed the sticker that says not for use with aquariums or other water-related products. Is there a type of surge protector that can be used with water-related products?

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    I'm thinking that they don't want the liability if the thing fails, potentially killing everything in your aquarium should the filter, etc. were to stop working. ANd, being around water, the thing could be damaged if it got wetted. That part may or may not apply to your sump pump, depending on where it is.

    Personally, I've installed a whole-home system in both my home and at my mother's house. This protects everything in the home from nearby lightning strikes, but probably nothing would for a direct one. I've not had any premature electrical failures in my home for decades, whereas some of my close neighbors have...I think that's because of the whole-house surge suppression installed in the power panel at the entrance. It's more than just plugging something in, but it is quite simple if you've got any related skills. If you don't feel comfortable, an electrician could install one probably for his minimum labor charge.

    Mersen is well-known in the industrial world, but not so much in the consumer one, but I've found they had the best performance at a reasonably price.
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