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    Apr 27, 2013
    I'm replacing my sump pump. The current sump pump is at least 15 years old. Last week during heavy rains the floater got stuck in the pit's side which caused flooding in our finished basement. Not fun! We've never had a backup. After doing tons of research, I am leading towards getting the following:

    Primary: Zoeller N-57 with SJE-Rhombus Vertical Master Switch (1003590).
    I chose a non-automatic model based on reviews of Zoeller switches going bad on their M models.
    I chose the N-57 over the N-53 as I read iffy reviews of the plastic bottoms/impellers on the 53.

    Backup: Zoeller Aquanot II.
    I was also considering Watchdog Big Dog BWD12-120C or PHCC Pro Series 2400 - both made by Glentronics. However, I read how the alarm systems can turn into nightmares as well as frequent battery replacement.

    I have two questions yet that I'm having a difficult time figuring out...

    1) Do I need a check-valve? Our sump pump usually doesn't go off that much so I'd like both pumps to share the same discharge line. I worried with a check-valve there is more chance that water sitting above the check-valve will freeze in the line. I think I'd rather just have the water come back into the pit and have the pump run a few more times.

    2) I don't know what battery to get for the Aquanot II (AGM versus Wet) When reading the performance comparisons of their batteries, Zoeller states their wet battery has a 200 minute reserve capacity and their AGM has a 175 minute reserve capacity. BUT... then in another piece of Zoeller literature it states their water/acid deep cycle battery can run the pump continuously for 7.5 hours while their AGM can power it over 3.5 hours. Is it just me or do these specs seem contradictory? The latter makes it seem like the AGM's performance doesn't come close to the wet battery's. Is that true??? I want the longest run time although I like that the AGM is a 'safer' battery. Also, I'm not set on getting the Zoeller-made battery - does anyone recommend any other brands?

    I'd appreciate anyone's help and advice on these two issues, or if you see any concerns on my choices of pumps! Thanks SO much!
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    Jan 5, 2008
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    The line going our the side if the house should be pitched so that it never holds water. This is what prevents it from freezing. The check valve only holds water in the vertical section of the line, and helps to prevent the pump from cycling itself to death.
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