Speaking of parks in the Seattle area:

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    Fin Park

    An eclictic display, which I suppose the designer was thinking of the old "swords into plowshares" idea. It means a bit more to those of us who have "BTDT".

    One of those fins is all that remains of my first boat, USS Plunger ( SSN-595). All of those boats represent the victory achieved by the USA in the Cold War.

    In retrospect, we might wish the cold war was still going on, because it was a nice neat war.....not too many people getting hurt, we always had an edge, and just had to dodge an occasional flare up like the Cuban missile crisis! The Russkies were a little nuts, but they were fairly dependable. This group today....Taliban, Iran, N. Korea, Saudis, etc. you can't trust any of them, and they are truly wacko!

    But the cold war did halt further Soviet expansion and domination, which ultimately that would have come to a bad conclusion.

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