Southern Calif... Watts 210??

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    As you may know, between medical disability, and desk job at a supply company for a while before that started, I have been " out of the loop" for field work for quite a while.

    Looking ahead to possibly needing to replace WH .... Is the Watts 210 temperature activated gas shut off still allowed in CA??? The place was built that way in '85, and I do have a pressure relief installed on the water supply outside the condo, inboard of the shutoff. Seems I have heard they may not be allowing that anymore.

    WH is in a closet of a second floor balcony. Balcony is weather-exposed. WH has a drain pan, so if we just ran a downtube into the pan, it drains through a tube out onto the deck. Would that fly? Condo assn. would not like to put a pipe thru the wall and down the side of the building.

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    Aug 6, 2007
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    You would have to check with the AHJ. In San Diego,
    By the way that is the way I would run it a t&p with a drain into pan
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