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    Hello, and thanks for the advice in advance. I've always wanted to solder my pipes but I lived in a top unit of an apt building and I opted for a plumber to do it then for liability purposes. (Thanks for that advice). I live in a single family home now and want to install a smart water shutoff valve.

    I have a 1-1/4" water main and I want to install the Phyn Plus in line. 4 questions:
    1) Do you think it's ok for a DIYer to do this? I consider myself an advanced DIYer.
    2) I was thinking of using a MAP torch vs propane because the pipes/fittings are larger and will take less time. I'm planning on adding a bypass valve too so i'll be soldering at least 8 connections.
    3) They say to avoid elbows as much as possible that will decrease the water pressure, but will adding 2 - 90 degree large-radius elbows affect it much?
    4) I don't have much clearance to cut the pipe from the wall, but i may be able to use a traditional pipe cutter, but if not, is a hacksaw ok? I've read because these pipes are larger that a hacksaw would be ok, whereas with smaller pipes, they will deform the pipe where it is cut. The pipes have insulation around them so there is some clearance.

    Thanks a lot!
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  2. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    You are talking copper, I presume. No need for large radius elbows.

    That term comes up in sewage work mostly.

    Hacksaws are OK. Square cut. Dress the pipe with some suitable abrasive paper inside and outside of the cut end.

    I like the Ridgid 101 "tubing cutter" for copper up to 3/4.
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