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    Oct 7, 2005
    ok i recently purchase a home that is 16 yrs old, 2 story building the master room and bathroom is on the 2nd level and the other 2 rooms is downstairs and also the other bathroom is downstairs. now after 3 months there is a really bad smell i wanna say smells like magnesium and it also is now slowing down on the flush. now everywhere in the house is fine no smell, great preasure. ok i thought it might be germs or what not so what i did is empty the tank turn off the water and soaked it in bleach then turn the water back on and flushed it. now the smell was gone for a couple of weeks but it stil is slow to drain and now the smell is back and the water and a slight milkiness appearence (phosphate?). i would like to do this myself but if need be i will call a plumber to snake it. so any suggestons that i can do? :eek:
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