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I found and installed a product last year that seems to be the only one of its kind and is absolutely brilliant. Should be required for everyone as it saves water, energy, and money.

I would like to spread the word as the planet and your pocket book will thank you.

Saves water. Saves energy. Saves money. Provides instant hot water once activated

The product is:

They have several configurations that work with tank and tankless water heaters. Use your existing recirculating pump or add a pump. All serve up the same solution by recirculating the hot water so it is not waisted and doing that only on demand. So if you have a dedicated recirculating system, it does not have to run 24-7 or on some schedule that may or may not suit your needs. That saves a ton of energy by not running a pump and not having to keep the hot water line hot.
The genius of the system is the trigger. If you want hot water simply turn on and off the hot water line for a couple of seconds from the sink or area of the house you want hot water. That will start the pump and depending on the distance from the hot water source you will have hot water available very quickly.

I have a dedicated circulating pump system. I liked the idea as it definitely saves water and you have instant hot water all the time. When I researched the amount of energy it was costing me and the environment to keep that hot water at the ready – I started looking for solutions. I installed a timer that ran the pump on a schedule. That helped but was VERY inefficient as I would often need hot water outside schedule times and didn’t always use the hat water when it was running. I looked for a product that would deliver hot water only when I needed it by allowing me to control the pump remotely. There are some that exist but not very good or reliable. Unless hardwired they are suspect of working and then many require you to turn off.

The Smart Circulating system has a flow valve attached to your hot water line that senses your need for hot water and then starts the pump. It has heat sensors the monitors the need to continue. So by quickly turning the hot water on and off you start the pump and hot water is on it’s way. When you stop using the hot water it turns off. Brilliant. No other company has figured this out.
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