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Hi everyone,

Need help w a waste disposal install in an RV camper. Double sink. ABS DWV pipe (I think). Have selected this Moen model due to space constraints.

Problem faced: the height of the waste discharge outlet is roughly the same height as the top of the slip joint of the p-trap.
It’s in an RV, so not sure we have to meet any code, but would like it to work, and work well - without clogging the drain pipes.

Looking for help on where (and with what fitting) we should feed the discharge from the waste disposal into the drain system. I think the pipe should be connected before, rather than after, the p-trap, but I am flummoxed. as to how, in the circumstances.

Many thanks in advance.

Pics attached The pipe that was attached to the sink that now has the waste disposal attached has been swivelled to the side (the p-trap is difficult to see in the middle photo.

In the middle pic, the green arrow marked as "Waste" is supposed to show the black ABS pipe heading into the wall. It does not refer to the white contained, which holds the potable water supply. Realized after labelling and uploading it that the way I labelled it could cause some confusion.

The photo on the right show the waste disposal discharge with the 90 degree elbow discharge pipe as yet not tied in to the drain system. The drain in the background shows there is not really sufficient space available to drop the who p-trap and arm, as the hole through which the drain exits is pretty much fixed, and not moveable.


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Your discharge tube from the disposal is plenty high, if I interpret the photos correctly. I expect 1/2 inch elevation difference is more than enough. I don't know where you would draw the line, but I think you are not near the line.
I would restrict use of the disposal to when you are at a campsite with a sewer hookup, and even then put stuff into the trash/garbage where practical.
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