Should plumber have removed old risers and taken less 90s

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  1. carlb

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    Mar 9, 2008
    I attached pictures of the shower plumbing done by licensed plumber and inspected and approved. I'm wondering if it looks like good work? #1 is the big view and #2 is a closeup of the spaghetti that concerns me, #3 is the valve.

    Previously this plumbing was hooked up to a tub, now it's a shower. The existing plumbing is the old tarnished copper. So down a foot off the floor you see the existing 3/4" converted to 1/2" and the old risers.

    What concerns me is he left in the old risers and so took a few more 90's with the hot water. There are also the required risers above the valve.

    My question are these extra risers and turns: 1) a problem, 2) not a problem, 3) a good thing?

    I bought what I think is a high quality Moentrol 3300 transfer valve capable of running two heads. I would think I would want the smoothest flow possible. And that would come from cutting out the old risers and taking the shortest route to the value which is 2 90s? Maybe even using 3/4" all the way up to the value then downsize to 1/2"?

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    Those extra 90's won't distort the flow to your shower. If you travel that hot water supply back to it's source, you soon find that there are numerous turns and bends, changes of direction leading to the water heater.

    I don't particularly agree with those air chambers; give it a number of days and those will be filled with water.

    It looks like he took an existing piping system and added on to it, which is normal.

    If you wanted a specific piping arrangement leading to that valve, it should of been discussed and agreed upon before the plumber started the job.

    To think about this after the work is done and inspected is an afterthought, something that should of been considered before the plumber arrived.

    Looks like the plumber payed attention to clean, level work and even cleaned his solder joints up well. With the cost of copper these days, I definitely wouldn't waste two pieces of copper like that for support brackets, no way.
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  4. carlb

    carlb New Member

    Mar 9, 2008
    Thanks for your comments.

    The bathroom remodeling company hired the plumber and met with him. I was there. It didn't occur to me I had to be specific about how he ran the pipe. The only conclusions I can some to for why are that he di dnot ave the 3/4" fittings he needed, or he did not want to deal with cutting and soldering pipe
    right next to drywall.

    As for the supports I would have prefered the valve screwed to a 2x4 but the vent was in the way.

    I'll be more proactive when he comes back to do the tub.
  5. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I would not have bothered cutting into the 3/4" pipe either because there would have been absolutely no benefits from doing so. I might have rotated the cold elbow to the right and eliminated that "U" piping, but mostly for aesthetics, not to eliminate some friction loss. I also might have interchanged the two risers to eliminate the crossover, unless there was some mechanical reason for them being connected as they are. Other than that, and the air chambers were a personal preference on his part we do not use them here, it appears to be okay.
  6. Master Plumber Mark

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    I have seen worse

    I agree with looks ok considering what he
    had to start with.....better not to fool with
    the old tees if you dont have to

    the air chambers are nice to do
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