Seeking Tips for House Reno. Wiring

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum discussion & Blog' started by molo, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. molo

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Cold New York
    I have been part of a design of a new 2-bedroom home. The home is all electric (including heat, cooking, hot water) and will be wired by an electrician.

    Before all of the framing gets buttoned up with drywall, we will include the obvious wiring for outlet, light, appliance, smoke alarm, heat appliances phone lines, tv/internet cables. in the walls.

    My question is: Are there any emerging trends (i.e. low voltage lighting, night lights, plumbing leak sensors) that we should be considering before we conceal the framing?

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. drick

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    May 16, 2008
    First, if you are building this house in NY and you are planning on electric heat as your primary heat source you are insane! Your winter electric bill will likely be 6X whatever your summer electric bill is per month. Find another way to heat your house. If you are building someplace warmer, like North Carolina you can get away with an electric heat pump and heat strips, but not up here. Also electric heat makes potential future home buyers run away screaming never to be heard from again even if they like everything else about the house.

    As for trends, idono. Nothing really new and exciting IMO. However consider the following:
    1. Anywhere you have a coax drop for a TV make sure you have an internet connection as well. Soon you will just stream everything off of a central media hub in your house and there will be no need for coax at the TV, but you will need an internet connection.
    2. Recessed lights are nice. The new LED bulbs with included rims are expensive, but you can avoid buying trims for you lights altogether if you get these bulbs saving some money there. Cree makes a nice one that draws only 9.5W and puts out 65W of light. They can also be dimmed with no problems.
    3. Under cabinet lights in the kitchen are also nice.
    4. This is a good time to add a generator transfer switch. The new code requires that the neutral be transferred along with the hot conductors, so it needs to go BEFORE your circuit breaker box, which is really hard (read expensive) to do after the fact.
    5. Consider at least pre-wiring for an alarm system. 20 gauge wire is cheap. Alarm systems also support inputs for leak sensors so they can be connected here.
    6. Consider adding in wall speakers in your bedroom, kitchen, or in the family room with the TV. Again easier to do now, and if you don't want to buy the hardware at least run the wire so you will have it later.

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  4. molo

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Cold New York
    Thanks Rick! Those are good ideas and the type of thing I want to consider.

  5. Bowen

    Bowen New Member

    Jul 18, 2012
    HI molo,I never do work on the Renovation even of my won home,But I can guide you about the wiring of the electricity and electronics devices installation (smoke alarms,motion sensor and other anti theft alarms) your yard or a large parking lot or nearby dark alley is best place for installation of the security cameras and other security systems,your security cameras and other system are your best friend because it's help to keep save your home and business.
    & thanks drick for such nice tips .
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