Saniflo bath, venting options (layout attached) (IN)

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I'm trying to figure out the best route on my new bathroom plumbing. There are some constraints which make things really tight to route, so keeping the size at 1.5" would help, if possible. I've attached an image of the layout, and I have a few questions, mainly having to do with the vent.

1.) I've shown an alternative layout with air admittance valves, is there any possibility this would work to make things simpler? I understand the macerator unit needs its own vent and must be two way through the roof.

2.) If the air admittance valve layout is a no-go and I need to tie the vents together, would this routing be acceptable? I wasn't sure about the vent sizing throughout the system either. I couldn't find info on sizing as more fixtures are connected, I'm hoping I can get away with 1.5" all the way. (***edit*** it looks like the vent diameter needs to be 1/2 the diameter of the drainline being served, which is 3".)

3.) Sanitary Tee vs vent Tee (no sweep)... I was reading mixed info behind when a sanitary tee can be used in certain orientations for the vents, which would be allowed/preferred?
(***edit*** I'm planning on using vent T's)
(***edit #2*** turns out you can't find vent T's in the store, they are special order at 100pc. at a time. The only other option are non-DWV T's, which are confusingly placed in with all the other DWV fittings. On the website, the description specifies that they are for schedule 40, but are used in irrigation applications, no mention of DWV, so this leaves me with only being able to use Sanitary T's. This is very confusing to me, because it implies they can be used for DWV)

3.) There is a nearby kitchen sink vent, is there a problem connecting to it? Looks like I'll need to change to 3" well before the roof penetration, it appears that it's currently a 1.5" vent through the roof. I can also make a new VTR if needed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
3D layout-Model.jpg
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