"S" trap to drain pipe fitment question

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    May 1, 2005
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    I am in the process of replacing the "S" trap for a lavatory sink ( 1.25" d) but have hit a snag. Where the chrome down-pipe goes into the floor, I thought there would be a nut (compression type) connecting it to the larger drain pipe below the floor. Someone had installed vinyl sheet flooring over the connection. After I got down where I needed to be, I am finding that there is not a nut but rather the sub-floor drain is flared over and the "S" pipe is just slipped inside it. It appears that the connection is soldered together but it could be something else (lead?). Can anyone clarify if this is a proper connection and what is the best way install the new trap into the drain?. Should I just heat w/ a torch to remove old and resolder the new trap in or is there a better way? Also, if resoldering is the way to go, will solder stick to the new chromed pipe or to I need to remove the chrome finish in that area. Thanks..........Steve
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    be careful

    you can try to solder that into the fitting if you so wish, it is most likely a lead arm comming up from below......

    this is not for the faint of heart.....

    you got to file the chrome off the new s trap to get down to the brass...

    I have not done it in years......

    .if you dont care that much about looks,
    might I suggest that you cut it off about two inches above that solder joint and then use a 1 1/4 fernco fitting with the compression clamps and save yourself all the greif... as long as you dont mind how it loooks it is the best way to keep from opening a gigantic can of worms.

    If you cut it off nice and close like one inch,, you can sometimes even hide most of the fernco clamp with a large deep 1 1/2 escuption plate....

    just be gentle with that old chrome pipe when you cut into it....
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    TSPORT New Member

    May 1, 2005
    Philly,PA suburbs
    Alternate (proper?) solution

    Thanks for the input, Master Plumber Mark. Actually, the drain pipe is copper. I have access through a crawl space (yuk). I have decided that whoever did the installation years ago just rigged it. Can't stand the thought of doing that way myself. I think I am going to cut the vertical drain pipe, solder on the proper trap adaptor (picked up the parts yesterday) reconnect w/ a soldered coupler and put it all together right so in 10-15 years, the next guy can change the trap in 5 minutes instead of 5 hours! ( it is a wall-hung sink w/ exposed pipes so I want it to look nice )..........Steve
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