RO: What is the need for an ASV and/or flow restrictor for small RO systems?

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New member here. I live in Florida, on well water, where the TDS coming into the house is about 700 ppm. So all water related to human and pet cooking and drinking is RO. I have an undersink 4 gal storage tank system and a backup 20 gal storage tank system. I have been studying up on ASVs and flow restrictors, and I wonder if I should be using them? The original under sink system has both, but has always been a little problematic, and low flow and output (for a 4 gal tank). I installed the 2nd 20 gal system, and it runs like a well oiled machine without both ASL and flow restrictor, and it has a permeate pump. I test the TDS and maintain the filters properly on both systems. I am replumbing the undersink system so that it will be more easy to maintain without crawling into the cabinet, and plan to remove both the ASL and flow restictor. Is this a bad idea? I don't think I need either. Max pressure coming from the well is 40-60 psi. It goes through a sulfur aeration tank and water softener. I do not seem to have a 'won't stop draining' problem with either system.

I appreciate all advice!
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