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Hello. I am a DIYer with an RO system under my kitchen sink that was installed by the previous homeowner. Last year, I purchased Alton brand filters and membrane from Amazon and installed them. (FX12M and FX12P). I take DIYing very seriously, and I followed all instructions exactly.

According to any instructions I can find, replacement intervals are always determined by length of time (one year in my case). But I have noticed in the paperwork that came with the filters that they are supposed to be capable of filtering 2000 gallons of water.

I am single, and I live alone. I don't think I ever use even an entire gallon of RO water in a single day. My honest estimate is that I have filtered a MAX of 250 gallons over the past year. (Probably not even that much.)

Do I really need to be replacing these filters annually, or can I save myself some money and labor?

Thank you for the advice.

EDIT: I have been checking in on this post for several days, and there are no replies. I would delete my post, but I don't think that this forum gives the users that option.

I have posted other questions before, and the email notifications have never worked for me, so I have always had to log in and navigate to my post to see replies.

I am not going to check on this post further. While any replies would be kind, please be advised that at this point I would not see them. Thank you again.
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