Revision 2 of DWV System - Does this meet IPC Florida ?

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  1. Stephanie Maps

    Stephanie Maps New Member

    Mar 6, 2013
    Thanks to all the helpful advice of this forum I have redesigned my DWV system and will post below.
    Please review it again and let me know if it appears meet IPC Florida code.

    Initial comments from my local inspector included comments along the lines that:

    The bathroom fixtures must be grouped together and not be infringed upon by other waste flowing through that group.

    Specifically, the kitchen waste could not be upstream of the lav sink. That the lav sink could drain into a drain line with other bathroom group fixtures but under no circumstances could the lav sink flow into the same drain pipe as the utility sink or kitchen sink.

    That the kitchen sink and utility sink should each connect to the main drain line individually rather than connecting to a branch drain prior to meeting with the main drain line.

    That kitchen waste should not flow into the main drain line upstream of the inviolate bathroom group.

    That the vent size of the standpipe used for an automatic clothes washer is depended on whether or not i intended to install a "high capacity" clothes washer machine or not. That most new(er) automatic clothes washer are "high capacity".

    That individual fixture vents had to extend vertical until it was 6" above the TRAP being served before turning horizontal.

    That I needed to separate my water service pipe from my main waste line by at least 5 feet even though I was using schedule 40 PVC for waste.

    Since my initial contact with the inspector I have not been able to find anything in the code to substantiate his initial comments. Perhaps I misunderstood them.

    Please let me know if the following DWV system meets IPC code.

    The PN# referenced in the jpgs come from Charlotte Pipe's PVC DWV Dimensional Catalog

    Thanks again,

    1. Overall Layout
    1_Overall Layout.jpg

    2. Shower & WC Closeup
    2_Shower and WC.jpg

    3. Lav & Utility Sink Closeup
    3_Lav and Utility Sink.jpg

    4. Kitchen Sink Closeup
    4_Kitchen Sink.jpg

    5. Vents Closeup
  2. Stephanie Maps

    Stephanie Maps New Member

    Mar 6, 2013
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    Not sure if that is because there is nothing WRONG with this design or if no one else can make any more sense of the inspector's previous comments than I could.

    At any rate, just writing to close out this thread with GOOD NEWS !

    On second meeting the inspector had nothing critical to say of the design.

    It should finish going into the ground today.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    I disagree with most of what you stated about the inspector's comments. Why are you using an AAV at the sink when you have an atmospheric vent so close to it? IF you install it exactly as drawn, it is a very complicated installation.
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