Replacing DWV for bathroom reno - wet venting questions

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    Hello all,
    This forum has been a tremendous help. I would love for the experts to chime in on my proposed layout, and let me know if I'm messing anything up, or over-complicating things. I'm most worried about having wet-vented properly. Thanks in advance for your help!

    House is mid-50's construction, with cast iron and galvanized steel, which I am replacing with PVC. There are two full bathrooms, back-to-back, but with different layouts. Bathroom #1 has a shower, and #2 has a bathtub. They are on the top floor of the house, and access to all the pipes is somewhat limited. You might notice the cleanout for the main 3" stack is blocked by an addition - That'll get fixed :)

    The current plumbing uses heel inlets in the closet bends, which I understand is no longer done. There was also a pretty wild loop which tied the bathtub and lavatory into the WC drain heel. I was unsure how to tie in all the fixtures while keeping everything properly vented. The bathtub (not in the diagram) is closer to my secondary stack, so I am planning to tie it completely into that (it's a 2" stack, which is also serving a kitchen sink, and a laundry room sink - by my calculation - that's 6 DFUs total, so I should be good)

    The diagram shows my plan is to run the WC for bathroom #1 directly to the stack. I'll split off a parallel stack, which will give me clearance to make a connection for both lavatories, the shower from bathroom #2 (which will be wet vented through the lavatory vents), and finally the #2 WC. Each lavatory has it's own 2" vent.

    Pictures attached, or available here:
    diagram.jpg 6.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
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    Well I'm not a plumber but you better get this checked out. On your drawing the W/C on the left and shower drain I believe is wrong. You show the shower drain on top of the w/c vent. You do show a separate vent for the shower which looks OK but the line drains into the W/C vent. If you're doing this yourself, go to a plumber supply house and asked them. A good chance the man behind the counter, or at least a customer at the counter, is a licensed plumber. The big box home centers might have a retired licensed plumber working the isles but it's doubtful.
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